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Adding 'print' to 'plain' will elevate your brand

Everyone knows it even if we pretend it's not important.

Shopping retail comes with the expectation of a more sophisticated buying experience. We all know where the flea markets are. Some of us even have a friend who may let us in the backdoor of a warehouse during a sample sale, and we can always scour for bargains at a bazaar or church fundraiser.

But when you go to an upscale mall and spend 20 minutes looking for parking before meeting friends for a 12-dollar Chai-caramel-mochalaccachino, prior to browsing for ways to expand your wardrobe, it's fair to say you expect a little more than a "no frills" experience.

Ladies, would you leave a beauty salon with wet, freshly-cut hair, hoping it'll look good when you blow-dry it at home? Of course not. Pampering yourself is not a D-I-Y affair. Your exit, be it with a new hairstyle, coat, or shoes, is your Kardashian-esque introduction to an unsuspecting public. In a perfect world you would re-enter the mall in slow motion with background music and a gentle breeze blowing through your hair as yours would be the only clear image in a sea of out-of-focus admirers. N'est-ce pas?

So, as a merchant whose shopper just purchased the newest pair of Rosie Assouline Beach-blanket bell-bottoms, it is your duty to further the recognition and status of your brand. Handing over a plain white plastic or grocery kraft puts forth a disheartening message. Consequently, you've now relegated your client to shlep this eyesore throughout the mall, dangling obscenely just inches above their Jimmy Choos. Oh, the shame!

And all because someone chose to cut expenses and deemed packaging "unnecessary". (The nerve!)

Perhaps initial concepts were so lofty, born of European influences with hints of Rodeo Drive. So the first prices quoted by the boutique marketing firm hired to design the company logo were so preposterously high that bags were eliminated altogether.

Well, PromoPack Group can show you a variety of packaging options from moderate to upscale, with small or large volume commitments. Options do exist if you know what to look for and where. The consultants at PromoPack Group can help you achieve and maintain the image to which you aspire. Let PromoPack take you there. Your clients will thank you.

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