Back in the BOX

A carton, a casket, a crate, a bin, a basket

Not all boxes were created equal. There are boxes for shipping, boxes for gift-giving and merchandising, but in almost every case, the box is the difference between two otherwise identical products on a retail shelf. Let PromoPack Group Inc. guide you to distinction.

Folding cartons

Commercial doesn't have to be ordinary.

High-volume product packaging won't disrupt your profit margins and with a little creativity can ensure your merchandise flies off the shelf.

Rigid boxes

When the sizzle outlasts the steak.

A rigid or 'set-up' box often endures long after its contents have dissipated. As a souvenir, decor, or just a "cool place to put stuff", nothing strengthens brand recognition like the box that never leaves.

Tin & metal packaging

Heavy metal thunder

Remember your first lunch box? The heart-shaped tin your first boyfriend gave you? The one you used to keep your pictures, notes, and things you held most dear? Maybe it's time your brand held those memories for the next generation.