It's in the BAG

Carry it with you!

Everyone's got baggage. But some are more attractive than others.
Bags exist in a range of style and budgets from the purely practical to the wildly creative.
They are the shoppers' temporary fashion accessory, and they speak volumes.
What are yours saying?

Poly (plastic) bags

Functional and Fashionable

Plastic bags are the simple choice but are capable of dashing designs within a more economical budget.

Paper bags


Whether machine-made or hand-assembled overseas, paper bags have been the fashionable alternative for generations of retail boutique packaging.
Environmental options are stylishly accessible.

Reusable bags

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... Re-see!

Not just environmentally responsible, but a wise marketing option as well. With every use, your brand seeps subconsciously deeper into public awareness.